Welcome to Mark Steven’s Journey

After retiring from the military I had come to a crossroads in my life. I had to answer the question that plagues everyone starting a new chapter in their lives.

“What now?”

Do I pursue a profession from the skills acquired from my military training?  Do I continue medicine or electronics? What about operations, logistics, or training? I had served for twenty-three years in the Army serving as a combat medic, infantryman, logistics specialist, recruiter, electronics specialist, and back to the medical field. I had been a trainer, instructor,  adviser, and leader.  I had served from the end of the cold war to multiple sites in the middle east. The questions racked my brain as I shuffled through weighing my options.

This was me searching for answers to my questions. I also had other obstacles to take into consideration. I suffer from post traumatic distress disorder and a traumatic brain injury which has made my transition back into society very challenging. I really had no clue what I was going to do.

The introduction to this blog is the foundation and purpose of its meaning. It is the answer to the questions that I had asked myself and the conclusion of the choice I made to engage a totally different professional career path.  I like to write and always wanted to write a book and or a TV series. I wrote some things and had ideas for a TV series that I shared with my wife and family. Which led me to going back to college and pursue a degree in cinema arts.

“Mark Steven’s Journey,” is an invite to the reader to become a subscriber as I share my writings of my book and screen writing my TV series.  It allows me to convey with my subscribers how I choose the theme of my works, characters themes. It also allows me to get feedback as the subscriber will be able to leave comments.

I will be blogging throughout the week, but every Saturday I will post something from my book or writing from my TV series. I hope to be able to get some good feedback and again, “Welcome to Mark Steven’s Journey.”

Mark Stevens, author of “Andy”